For assistance with the availability of performance rights in Ewan MacColl Plays 1 please email rights@methuen.co.uk   Thank you.


If you have a permissions request for one of our titles (ie for quotation use in another publication) please use the following guidelines when submitting your request.

Please include with your application:

i) the title, publisher and publication date of your forthcoming work
ii) the publication price and format of your new work
iii) the number of copies to be printed and the territories where your new work will be distributed
iv) the title and author of the book you wish to quote from (important: your request cannot be processed without this information)
v) the extracts you propose to use from our publication (important: please include photocopies of the extracts chosen with your application)
vi) the size of extracts you propose to use (prose should be provided in number of words, poetry should be provided in number of lines and screenplays should be provided in number of pages)

Your permissions application can be submitted to rights@methuen.co.uk

Please submit your application as soon as possible before publication of your work. Please note that we aim to reply within twelve weeks of receipt of your application. Thank you.

If you have an enquiry about the availability of foreign language rights in one of our titles please email rights@methuen.co.uk and we shall guide you further. Thank you.

Important: please do not submit permissions applications for A. A. Milne or E. H. Shepard titles. These should be sent to Egmont UK (www.egmont.co.uk). Thank you.

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