William Fletcher - A Life 1869-1919


Parkhouse, Gerald

30/03/2017 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9780413777539

About William Fletcher - A Life 1869-1919

The subject of this biography is best known today from the Vanity Fair print of 1893 by ‘Spy’ (Leslie Ward), in which the twenty-three year old William. A. L. Fletcher (1869–1919) stands in his Oxford Blues blazer and lettered sweater, legs apart, hands in pockets, tiny cap on head, gazing out directly at the reader, the master of all he surveys. In this striking caricature, the artist has captured the affable firmness of purpose which characterised Fletcher’s life. In his time, William Fletcher was one of the giants of the rowing world, whose guts and determination also brought him distinction and respect both on the river and on the battlefield. He deserves to be remembered. (from the foreword by Professor Boris Rankov)


Gerald Parkhouse was born and educated in England, where he attended Christ Church, Oxford, and rowed in the College's First Eight and Henley Eight. He spent over thirty years in the international oil business before serving for twenty years as Corning Glass Professor of International Business at Elmira College, New York. He had over many years researched the history of the Christ Church Boat Club, and had transcribed and edited a number of the Club’s nineteenth-century record books. His history of Christ Church’s many appearances at Henley Royal Regatta in the period 1839–1989 has recently been published. He lived, in retirement, in Elmira. He held degrees from The University of Oxford and Boston University, USA, and was a member of the Royal Automobile and Leander Clubs.


Gerald Parkhouse

Gerald Parkhouse


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