Glimmers of Twilight


Joe Haines

06/05/2004 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9781842750926

About Glimmers of Twilight

'One of the most extraordinary political memoirs ever to be published in Britain'

Simon Walters, Mail on Sunday


Harold Wilson's second government, following victory in the first general election of 1974, provided the most compelling political soap opera of the post-war period. The turbulent relationship between press secretary Joe Haines and Wilson's personal and political secretary Marcia Williams became the stuff of political legend, gossip and intrigue flowed unchecked along the corridors of power and Wilson's surprise resignation in 1976 stunned the nation - and to this day remains a favourite subject for conspiracy theorists, despite the overwhelming evidence otherwise.


Joe Haine's first account of his time in No. 10 - The Politics of Power, published in 1977 - caused a sensation with its revelations about the 'lavender list' of Wilson's resignations honours. Written with the benefit of longer hindsight and greater historical perspective, Glimmers of Twilight now provides the definitive account of this extraordinary episode in politcal history.


'The memoirs of Joe Haines... are certain to rank among the most revelatory and important of the twentieth century'

Peter Osborne, Spectator


'Joe Haines was the Alastair Campbell of the 1960s and 1970s - a pushy prime ministerial press secretary who became a political figure in his own right'

Julian Glover, 'Top Ten

Political Memoirs', The Guardian


Joe Haines

Joe Haines


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