Existentialism and Humanism


Sartre, Jean-Paul

20/09/2007 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413776396

About Existentialism and Humanism

 An essential text for students of philosophy and political thought.

 'Man is condemned to be free' Jean-Paul Sartre

 Originally delivered as a lecture in Paris in 1945, Existentialism and Humanism is Jean-Paul Sartre's seminal defence of Existentialism as a doctrine true to Humanism, as opposed to a purely nihilistic creed, and a plan for its practical application to everyday human life. It also includes objections made to the original lecture at the club Maintenant which shows how well Sartre could hold his own against criticism. Over the past fifty years, the writings of Sartre have probably been more influential in the West than those of any other thinker, and this exploration of one of the central tenets of his philosophical thought has become the essential introduction to his work, and a fundamental text to all students of philosophy.

"...a polemical work, full of Sartre's acute awareness of contemporary problems...He provides a clear and lively explanation of the main concepts of his existentialism avoiding almost completely technicalities and philosophical jargon."

 Jean-Paul Sartre was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. He died in Paris in 1980.


Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean-Paul Sartre


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