Jones, Susan

05/08/2008 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9781842752289

About Speechmaking

'A little masterpiece'

Public Servant

'Whenever there is something important to say, people still express it in a speech. A good speech is an act of magic.'

In a high-tech world, the speech is a low-tech tool of communication, but it remains as important a mode of persuasion and entertainment as it ever was.

In Speechmaking Susan Jones distils a career of professional speechwriting experience – much of it for the highest levels of British government – to demonstrate how anyone can make the most of a speech, from political party leader to best man.

With examples from more than 200 speeches by Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, George Bush, the Clintons, Helen Mirren, the Queen and many others, she produces an essential guide for all who write and make speeches in politics and business – including how not to do it.

This new edition, comprehensively revised, contains all that made the original indispensable, with yet more how-to sections, including presentations and party conferences.

Unaccustomed or accustomed as you may be to speaking in public, don't begin a speech without this book.


Susan Jones


Susan Jones worked for the Government Information Service and then as a senior consultant with the accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers, before starting her own company Writing For Business.


'A little masterpiece'

Public Servant

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