Pathways to Redemption


Emslie, Barry

23/05/2019 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9780413778291

About Pathways to Redemption

Pathways to Redemption tackles Wagner and Britten in tandem. Rather than treating their lives and, more importantly, their creative work as discrete entities, it plays both composers off each other in as intense and intimate a manner as possible, attempting at all times to isolate their differences and explicate their similarities. It maintains that a striving after redemption gives their respective work a common basis and it is on this basis that their substantive differences with regard to nation, race, culture and religion, love and sex are best understood. It is further argued that the final operas of both (Parsifal and Death in Venice) can be seen as knowingly climactic, but radically different, encounters with the shared redemptive agenda.






Barry Emslie

Barry Emslie


Also by Emslie, Barry

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