Branwell Brontë's Creation


Bardsley, Wendy Louise

09/03/2017 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413777843

About Branwell Brontë's Creation

‘A vivid and evocative portrait of the lost Brontë brother, a lyrical account of the family, landscape and era that made this tormented man what he was, conspire to make a magical novel. Branwell talks, suffers, loves – the sisters fret, the moor lives and breathes – we believe every word of it – and rightly so. Poet Bardsley has done her research and come up with convincing insights into Branwell’s short, tragic life, and transmuted it into an admirable piece of literature.’

Fay Weldon

Branwell Brontë was the fourth child of six, and the only son, born to Reverend Patrick Brontë and his wife Maria in 1817. Branwell’s mother died when he was aged four and his two elder sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, died of tuberculosis, when he was aged eight. His three surviving sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, would become famous as writers.

Branwell Brontë was a painter and poet but deeply self-deprecating. When he died aged just 31, he had become addicted to opium and other drugs and many who knew him dismissed him as a wastrel and failure.

In truth Branwell Brontë was a loving, charming and brilliant man and this sensitive and moving fictional work portrays all of those qualities superbly.

Based on real events and people in 19th century Yorkshire, with a new final chapter, Branwell Brontë’s Creation is a novel worthy of its subject.

‘Rarely have I found a writer so immured in the characters of the Brontë family and their friends. Bardsley knows her Brontës well, and their lives, their home, their times. Wendy’s characterization and storytelling are superb.’

Bob Duckett, UK Editor, Brontë Studies 


Wendy Louise Bardsley

Wendy Louise Bardsley


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