Uncharted Territory


Macdonell, Hamish

11/05/2009 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9781842752357

About Uncharted Territory

In May 1999 a historic agreement was reached to create Scotland's first government in 300 years. Uncharted Territory is a lucid and colourful account of Scottish devolution since that agreement. It covers the whole story:

– the conflicts at Westminster over the Scotland Bill in 1998

– the historic 1999 election and the Scottish Parliament's turbulent first year

– the sudden death of Donald Dewar, the First Minister

– the election of Henry McLeish as Dewar's successor and his scandalous downfall

– the saga of the Scottish Parliament building

– Jack McConnell's term as First Minister and his attempts to impress Scotland's mark on the world

– the SNP's election victory in 2007

– the financial donations scandal that engulfed Wendy Alexander as Labour leader and much more besides.

Pacily written, Uncharted Territory incorporates first-hand interviews and original research to create a clear picture of the early days of devolution - and the larger-than-life characters that have helped to shape them.


Hamish Macdonell

Hamish Macdonell



'Hamish Macdonell has had a ringside seat over a decade of Scottish devolution. We have not always agreed, but he has always been there. His book is a timely contribution to the history of Scotland.'

Jack McConnell, First Minister of Scotland 2001-2007



'Hamish Macdonell has reported every twist and turn - and each step forward - of Scotland's evolving democracy over the Parliament's first ten years.'

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland since 2007



Uncharted Territory is well-informed, dogged and comprehensive. It has been written in the sort of sharp, incisive style that we have come to expect from Hamish Macdonell's day-to-day reporting in The Scotsman. This is a political history of Scotland that not only explains succinctly what went on - both on the political stage and behind it - but puts everything into a clear UK framework. You'll find no better guide to Scotland's first ten devolution years.'

Fraser Nelson The Spectator

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