The Name of the World


Johnson, Denis

04/10/2001 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413771605

About The Name of the World

Michael Reed is a man going through the motions, numbed by the death of his wife and child. But when events force him to act as if he cares, he begins to find people who - against all expectation - help him through his private labyrinth.

Poignant and beautiful, The Name of the World is a tour de force by one of the most astonishing writers at work today.

'To put the matter simply, Denis Johnson is one of the best and most compelling novelists in the nation' Elle

'Johnson's unique lyricism lights up his book's interior world... There's no doubt about the power of this writer's vision' New York Times

'An utterly brilliant and original talent, a novelist who reminds us just how wonderful fiction can be' Philadelphia Inquirer

'How easy it is to forget, with all the trivia in print cluttering our lives, that words can be this supple, a vehicle for transcendent healing.' Los Angeles Times

'Johnson moves this sweet and thoughtful story briskly and with grace....his genius is accessible and it lights things up. His words move.' Boston Globe

'Spare and heart-scraping...There is no doubt that Denis Johnson is one of our most inventive, unpredictable and daring scribes of the extremes of destruction and redemption' Miami Herald


Denis Johnson

Denis Johnson


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