Resuscitation of a Hanged Man


Johnson, Denis

20/05/2004 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413772329

About Resuscitation of a Hanged Man

'A classic...One of the finest American novelists writing today'

Los Angeles Times Book Review

Welcome to Provincetown, Cape Cod - the last outpost of civilisation, the end of the earth. In the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, Leonard English moves here to work as a part-time disk jockey cum private investigator. On his first day, he falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful, young woman - who turns out to be gay. His first investigation, the search for an elusive artist, proves equally frustrating. But as winter draws in and Leonard's anguish mounts, his desperate quests - for the artist, for love, for some kind of redemption - move towards an unexpected finale.

Denis Johnson (1949-2017) was the author of The Name of the World, Already Dead, Jesus' Son, Resuscitation of A Hanged Man, Fiskadoro, The Stars at Noon and Angels. He received a Lanning Fellowship and a Whiting Writer's Award and was a 2001 Pen/Faulkner Award Finalist.




Denis Johnson

Denis Johnson


'A classic...One of the finest American novelists writing today'

Los Angeles Times Book Review


'Johnson's talent as a storyteller is electrifying and captivating...filled with despair, humour and moral dilemma'


Glasgow Herald


'Denis Johnson is an artist. He writes with a natural authority, and there is real music in his prose'

New York Times


'A cosmically charged fiction that combines hard-boiled theology and a redeeming wit - the perfect spiritual tonic for tough times'

Kirkus Reviews


'Once Johnson gets his hooks into you - it takes about two sentences - it's...pretty much impossible to stop reading'

New York Times Book Review


'Amazingly talented ... Denis Johnson is one of the few American writers who could legitimately be said to possess a visionary sensibility, a nearly Blakean appreciation of the territory of the human soul'



'One of the best and most compelling novelists in the nation ... Johnson is a master chronicler of wrecked lives whose dead-end journeys he delineates in excruciatingly beautiful prose'



'An utterly brilliant and original talent, a novelist who reminds us just how wonderful fiction can be'

Philadelphia Inquirer


'There isn't an American voice I love listening to more than Denis Johnson's'

Michael Herr

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