The Feast of July


Bates, H. E.

18/05/2006 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413775986

About The Feast of July

'One of the most exciting and perfectly executed pieces of fiction that I have ever read' The Spectator
'It haunts you, alike for the queer and mounting suspense and for the masterly portraits of the three men' The Sunday Times
'Few writers have a more exact feel for texture - of a flower, a face, a silence - and it is this that has value,' The Spectator

H. E. Bates's classic novel of love and tragedy.

Betrayed by her lover, Bella Ford sets out on a journey to find him and exact her revenge. Instead her arduous search brings her to the home of the Wainwright family: the pious and good-natured Wainwright, his tough and uncompromising wife, their daughter Nell and their three very different sons, sensitive Matty, quick-tempered Con and sedate Jedd.

Slowly and in their individual ways the Wainwrights restore Bella's trust and, sharing the hardships and pleasure of their lives, she again finds happiness and love.

Then at the traditional Feast of July, the past comes crashing back into Bella's life and, with it, violent and terrible tragedy.

First published in 1954, this timeless love story demonstrates Bates's richly lyrical prose and his literary relationship with the English countryside.


H. E. Bates


H. E. Bates was born in 1905 at Rushden in Northamptonshire and was educated at Kettering Grammar School. He worked as a journalist and clerk on a local newspaper before publishing his first book after which he quickly acquired a reputation for his stories about English country life.


During the World War II, he was a squadron leader in the RAF and was commissioned to write stories about service life, which he published under the pseudonym of 'Flying Officer X'.


In 1958 the Larkin family appeared for the first time in The Darling Buds of May, the first of the enduringly popular Larkin family novels.


H. E. Bates was awarded the CBE in 1973 and died in 1974.


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