A Necessary Woman by Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart


Clair, Deborah & Urquhart, Philippa

18/10/2018 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413778239

About A Necessary Woman by Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart

Performance rights (amateur and professional) in A NECESSARY WOMAN by Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart have been released. If you are interested in applying for permission to perform please email rights@methuen.co.uk in the first instance. Please include information about your performance plans (number of performances, dates of performances, theatre capacity [number of seats] and admission prices). Thank you.


It is 1911 and the British Government continues to ignore the burning question of female suffrage. Women up and down the country prepare to avoid and evade the Census as a protest and challenge to authority. ‘No Vote, no Census!’ is their battle cry.  

Two days before the Census is taken, suffragette Emily Davison conceals herself in a cleaning cupboard, in the chapel undercroft beneath the Palace of Westminster. Emily plans to stage a daring and courageous intervention in Parliament on Monday morning, but with a large police presence and security unusually tight, will she achieve her ambition before she is caught and imprisoned again?

A Necessary Woman presents an imagined re-telling of what happened during Emily’s missing sixty-two hours…


Deborah Clair

Deborah Clair


Philippa Urquhart

Philippa Urquhart


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