If Marches On


Bell, Steve

15/06/2006 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9780413775719

About If Marches On

The stunning bumper collection of Steve Bell's If... cartoons.

Where do penguins march to? What do they do when they get there? How tight are Tony Blair’s pants? What is it that politicians can’t keep in their trousers? What kind of creature was William Hague? Is there really something about Cameron? Does George Bush have anything in common with the Arctic Monkeys? 

These are some of the questions that may or may not be answered by this book. In time honoured tradition, If... Marches On contains a huge dose of Steve Bell’s If... cartoons stripped from their usual habitat in the pages of the Guardian; but for this edition there is a difference – this magnificent beast of a book is in full vibrant COLOUR.*

*except where it is in black and white

‘Satire has been defined as afflicting the comforted and comforting the afflicted, yet Steve Bell remains preoccupied with the former activity. His work follows a grand tradition of gleefully vituperative lampooning, from Hogarth and James Gillray to the scabrous and caustic work of Gerald Scarfe, and while satirical writing may have declined in our era, political cartooning is in rude health’

Flux Magazine

‘His clear synthesis of almost undiluted abuse and reasoned, well considered critique makes him a kind of "thinking spleen", an organ that is splendidly represented in If... Marches On




Steve Bell

Steve Bell is acclaimed as the master of contemporary cartoon satire, best known for his leader-page cartoons and daily 'If...' strip in the Guardian. He has been Cartoonist of the Year several times. He lives in Brighton.


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