Lucky Bag


Wood, Victoria

12/05/2016 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413777935

About Lucky Bag

'Hi! I'm Victoria Wood and I've proved that playing the piano and singing songs very inaccurately can help you to lose weight and more importantly keep that weight off on a permanent basis. No calorie counting! No faddy restrictions! No weird combinations! Just sing songs at the piano for several hours a day, then drink eight pints of distilled water and lock yourself in the lavatory. Try it! It worked for me.'

Contents: Don't Get Cocky, Fourteen Again, Love Song, Nasty Things, I've had it up to here, Music & Movement, Northerners, Smile Song, Saturday Night, Crush, Litter Bin, Reincarnation, It would never have worked, Barry & Freda


Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood


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