The Heat of the Kitchen


Bernard Donoughue

27/09/2004 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9781842750933

About The Heat of the Kitchen

Lord Donoughue laboured in the heat of the political kitchen for three decades...



Tom Bower

The Sunday Times


Bernard Donoughue's account of his journey from the slums of Northampton to a position of influence at the heart of government is one of the most poignant poligical autobiographies of recent years. Founder of the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street for Harold Wilson in 1974 and a minister in the first Tony Blair government in 1997, Donoughue spans Old and New Labour and is uniquely well qualified to chronicle the metamorphosis of the party's character.


But this is much more than simple a poiltical memoir, as Edwina Currie put it in The Times, the book 'tells a moving story of a desperately poor childhood from a miserably dysfunctional family' - a story which culminates in a ringside seat through some of the most turbulent political events of the late twentieth century.


'Relaxed, humorous and engaging... I'd recommend it as an antidote to anyone on the left who is nostalgic for Old Labour'

Anthony Giddens

The Financial Times


'A must for anyone who is a serious student of New Labour'

Richard Stott

The Guardian



Bernard Donoughue

Bernard Donoughue


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