The Complete Fawlty Towers


Connie Booth and John Cleese

13/08/1998 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413772503

About The Complete Fawlty Towers


The complete and unexpurgated scripts of all 12 episodes of one of the most celebrated and enduring comedy series of all time.


Fawlty Towers is the hotel of every traveller's nightmare. Basil Fawlty - ill tempered, henpecked and conniving - tries in vain to be master of his house under the disapproving and ever watchful eye of his wife Sybil.


The hotel offers services by Manuel, the incompetent Spanish waiter whose feeble grasp of English makes for hilarious misunderstandings, and Polly, the unflappable chambermaid who is Fawlty Towers' only sane employee.


Meals are scorched in the kitchen, doors are constructed in places they shouldn't be, adultery is committed upstairs, guests are regularly insulted, and one even dies in the hotel and has to be hidden.


Under Basil Fawlty, chaos reigns supreme. In such episodes as The Germans and Basil the Rat, you understand why Fawlty Towers is the best-loved bad hotel in the world and why the television series is watched by millions.


Connie Booth


Connie Booth is an actress and writer.


John Cleese


John Cleese was educated at Cambridge where he performed in Footlights and then went to work in London as a performer and as a comedy writer for the BBC. Besides his work with Monty Python he is best known for his TV series Fawlty Towers (co-written with Connie Booth), the books he wrote with psychologist Robin Skinner and films such as Clockwise, A Fish Called Wanda and Fierce Creatures.


Also by Connie Booth and John Cleese

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