You Must Set Forth at Dawn


03/05/2007 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9780413776280

About You Must Set Forth at Dawn

 The sequel to the Nobel Prize-winner's modern classic, Aké: The Years of Childhood

The first African to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, as well as a political activist of prodigious energies, Wole Soyinka now follows his classic of autobiography, Aké: The Years of Childhood, with an equally important chronicle of his turbulent life as an adult in (and in exile from) his beloved, beleaguered homeland. 

In the tough, humane, and lyrical language that has typified his plays and novels, Soyinka captures the indomitable spirit of Nigeria itself by bringing to life the friends and family who bolstered and inspired him, and by describing the pioneering theatre works that defied censure and tradition.

Soyinka not only recounts his exile and the terrible reign of General Sani Abacha, but shares vivid memories and playful anecdotes – including his improbable friendship with a prominent Nigerian businessman and the time he smuggled a frozen wildcat into America so that his students could experience a proper Nigerian barbecue.

More than a major figure in the world of literature, Wole Soyinka is a courageous voice for human rights, democracy, and freedom. You Must Set Forth at Dawn is an intimate chronicle of his thrilling public life, a meditation on justice and tyranny, and a mesmerizing testament to a ravaged yet hopeful land.


'Wry, authoritative and humane, it serves not only as a delineation of his own life and the political life of his country'

Irish Times


'A reflective and philosophical account of Soyinka's adult life'

New Nation


'What if V. S. Naipaul were a happy man? What if V. S. Pritchett had loved his parents? What if Vladimir Nabokov had grown up in a small town in western Nigeria and decided that politics were not unworthy of him? I do not take or drop these names in vain. Wole Soyinka, the Nigerian novelist, playwright, critic, and professor of comparative literature, belongs in their company.'



John Leonard The New York Times


'[Soyinka is] a master of language, and [is committed] as a dramatist and writer of poetry and prose to problems of general and deep significance for man.'

Lars Gyllensten Presentation speech awarding Wole Soyinka the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1986


'A brilliant imagist who uses poetry and drama to convey his inquisitiveness, frustration, and sense of wonder.'



'If the spirit of African democracy has a voice and a face, they belong to Wole Soyinka.'

Henry Louis Gates Jr The New York Times


'Extraordinary chronicle... At his best, Soyinka is nuanced and lyrical, a master of gripping drama, compelling imagery and forceful character sketches, leavened with a ready wit. This is the most engrossing and unusual memoir...'

The Guardian


'Wry, authoritative and humane, it serves as a delineation of his own life and the political life of his country'

Irish Times

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