Old Labour to New


Greg Rosen

26/09/2005 | Hardback |

ISBN: 9781842750452

About Old Labour to New


Greg Rosen

Greg Rosen


A must buy for anyone seriously interested in British politics. It lets you appreciate, without comment, some of the most dramatic moments on the political stage.

John Sergeant


This is a marvellously evocative and exciting survey of Labour's history by a young scholar, based on significant speeches from the time of Keir Hardie to that of Tony Blair. All the great personal clashes are there - MacDonald v Henderson, Lansbury v Bevin, Gaitskell v Bevan, Foot v Benn and Kinnock v Militant. But we also have a subtle flow of commentary on all the great issues and aspirations that have preoccupied the party from the Edwardian Progressive alliance to the dawn of New Labour. Anyone with an intelligent interest in how democratic socialists in the Labour Party helped shape what Laski called the revolution of our time should read this book.

Professor Kenneth O Morgan

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