I An Actor by Nicholas Craig (with Nigel Planer & Christopher Douglas)


Craig, Nicholas

10/11/2016 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413777263

About I An Actor by Nicholas Craig (with Nigel Planer & Christopher Douglas)

Foreword by Steve Coogan

Ha bloody ha’  The Stage

‘Had me laughing out loud and becoming an embarrassment on public transport. Anyone who has ever had the mildest interest in the theatre should receive a mandatory copy of this book’  Simon Brett, Punch

Another great actor explores himself and his profession in this terrifically scathing parody of the theatrical memoir. Hilarious, vindictive and very accurate.

The uncensored ‘acto-biography’ of the most controversial thespian of his generation.

The memoirs of Nicholas Craig theatrical eminence best known for his Trueplate in The Cuckolde of Leicester and more popularly as Gob in Oh No! It's the Neighbours!  are re-released for a grateful audience with a new foreword by Steve Coogan.

Startlingly truthful, unflinchingly illustrated, I, An Actor is a piton up the slope of creativity for theatre fans and aspiring actors alike, revealing everything that most theatrical autobiographies cravenly avoid.


Nicholas Craig

Nicholas Craig


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