A Traveller in Rome


Morton, H. V.

29/06/2017 | Paperback |

ISBN: 9780413777195

About A Traveller in Rome

 ‘The most charming  and complete guide for travellers to Rome in contemporary English’ The Observer

 H. V. Morton’s indispensable companion to Rome.

H. V. Morton’s account of his days in 1950s Rome remains an indispensable historical companion. In his characteristic anecdotal style, Morton leads the reader on a well-informed and insightful journey around the city, from the Fontana di Trevi and the Colosseum to the Vatican Gardens loud with exquisite birdsong.

This vivid reportage also takes time to consider such topics as the idiosyncrasies of Italian drivers and the ominous possibilities behind the unusual absence of pigeons in the Piazza di San Pietro, bringing this most fascinating of cities delightfully to life.

Much has been written deservedly about Rome’s endlessly colourful past and present, but Morton’s writing is in a class above the rest.

 ‘One of the world’s great travel writers’ The Times


H. V. Morton


H. V. Morton (1892–1979) was one of the most popular travel writers of his time. After a brief period of military service he established a career as a journalist and became a reporter for both The Daily Express and The Daily Herald. H. V. Morton’s debut as an author came in 1927 with In Search of England, a book that became a best seller. His genial writing style endeared him to the countless readers of the books he wrote about his travels around the British Isles, Spain, Italy and the Middle East between 1927 and 1950. In 1941 H. V. Morton accompanied the delegation which travelled to Newfoundland for the meeting between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill which established the Allied policy for post Second World War Europe, known as the Atlantic Charter. Morton was famously present at the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter and his team in 1922. After the Second World War, H. V. Morton emigrated to South Africa where he lived until his death in 1979.


'The most charming guide for travellers to Rome in contemporary English'


The Observer


'The master of his genre, often imitated but never matched. His books are genuine classics'

Jan Morris

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